Our recent efforts came to fruition on February 21st, 2009, at Princeton’s TigerLaunch Super Saturday; a head-to-head business competition featuring a fierce roster of entrepreneurs pitching their companies to several tenured judges. With tension slowly mounting throughout the day, Greg’s impressive stage presence and delivery crescendoed to a seamless performance of the final Memrise pitch to the public. After a lengthy period of judge deliberation, we watched in anticipation as three checks were brought to the stage, their measurements reflecting one’s placement in the event. Ultimately, a check the size of Greg’s person revealed Memrise as the winner of TigerLaunch 2009, securing a spot at a start-up incubator in Silicon Valley, the Plug and Play Tech Center, in addition to a cash prize.

We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to everyone who made the event possible, to Roger Wang and Bob Monsour for the photos, and to all the loyal Memrise fans who came out to support us.

Founder Greg Detre accepts cash prize on behalf of Memrise. From left to right: Joseph Perla, Breanden Beneschott, Greg Detre, Danielle Cohen-Shohet, Leah Cohen-ShohetGreg Detre and the Princeton Entrepreneurship Club. From left to right: Joseph Perla, Nikhil Basu Trivedi, Breanden Beneschott, Greg Detre, Danielle Cohen-Shohet, Leah Cohen-Shohet, Kevin Fan, James Thorman

Greg Detre with judges. From left to right: Adam Ludwig, Eric Kutner, Greg Detre, Bob Monsour