Memrise Streetview

Our wonderful French learners have been demanding that we communicate a little more of the life and culture of France in the learning cave. It stands to reason, for words have much more meaning and nuance than can possibly be expressed in a mere definition.

Such thoughts gave us the idea of crowd-sourcing a few little scenes from the French capital to illustrate the use of the words and phrases you’ve been learning.

All of the scenes in the highlights reel below were shot on an iPhone or off a webcam. The video is twenty minutes long in total, but it’s fairly entrancing, and contains a great hotchpotch of idiomatic French phrases as well as atmospheric Parisian vistas. We’ll soon have these all dotted around the learning cave to keep you on your learning toes, and to inspire you to visit the place whose language you are learning!


Many thanks to Juliette, Agathe, Mathilde, Adrien, Ollivier, Manu and friends for your hard work, imagination and irrepressible sense of fun.


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