Ed Cooke on NPR: how to create a memorable meal

In NPR’s To Make A Memorable Meal, Start With A Memory:

Sensorium is a unique, 12-course dinner party that’s part circus, part play. It was held in a three-story high geodesic dome in a field near Washington’s Anacostia River this spring. When we first heard about Brown’s project, we knew he had to meet Ed Cooke.

Ed Cooke is an international memory champion and founder of Memrise, a website designed to make learning languages fun. He’s the kind of guy who memorizes 16 decks of cards in an hour for fame and glory, and enjoys reciting Paradise Lost to strangers in a park for fun. He’s also the guy who taught author Joshua Foer to become a memory champion in his new book, Moonwalking With Einstein.

Read the rest of the story, or listen to the NPR show…


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