Introducing Our Polyglot in Residence

Memrise now helps people learn several hundred different languages. We also have a wonderfully international team: we hail from 8 countries, and speak more than a dozen languages between us. Collectively, therefore, we’re a proud polyglot. Individually, though, we merely speak a few languages.

Now, a few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of a visit and talk from a keen Memrise community member called Alex Rawlings. Alex speaks 12 languages fluently, and is currently learning Hungarian, his 13th language. He’s 22. Alex recently graduated from Oxford, where he studied German and Russian; last year, he won a national competition organised by Collins to find Britain’s most multi-lingual student. In the video below, he show-cases some of his skills:

As you’ll no doubt be able to imagine, we had a whale of a time chatting and brainstorming with Alex, and so we thought it’d make sense to collaborate more lastingly. It gives great pleasure that we can now announce the arrival of Alex Rawlings on our team, in the position of “Polyglot in Residence”.

Alex is going to be blogging here weekly on “Multilingual Mondays”, exploring matters of interest to the keen language learner: sharing his knowledge of what it takes to go the whole way in learning a language, and exploring why and how to learn languages.

His first post will be next Monday!

Let’s welcome Alex to this august new position of Polyglot in Residence in the comments, Memrisers!


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