As many of you have asked for another update on the March challenge for Classes and what the leaderboard looks like 6 days before the grand finale.

Here it is – the average number of points per student for the top 10 classes (or, as we now call them – Groups) that are participating:

  1. 428498 points per student
  2. 171349 pps
  3. 153904 pps
  4. 137126 pps
  5. 129673 pps
  6. 99177 pps
  7. 96964 pps
  8. 91370 pps
  9. 62110 pps

I0. 57709 pps

There’s still time to make the last push before 31st March, but the competition to get into the top 10 is very fierce! Only a few thousand points are needed for the next 10 to be at the top end of the leader board.

Good luck for the last remaining 6 days!