Jennifer Ho is a researcher at the Institute of Education who is looking into different ways that people learn languages online. She got in touch with us to ask if any Memrisers might be able to help her in her research. Please do get in touch with her if you’d be interested in helping!

Dear Memrise users,

I am a doctoral student at the UCL Institute of Education in London. I am doing a PhD study on online language learning platforms and I hope to recruit participants to help with my study. This PhD study aims at exploring the role of online language learning platforms in an informal learning environment, with a focus on teaching and learning Mandarin Chinese as a foreign language.

You can take part in the research if you are:

• Interested in or already learning Mandarin Chinese as a foreign language • Aged 18 or above • A native-speaker of English or other European languages

By taking part in this research project, you can help language teachers understand how language learning is transformed by technology, and you can gain an in-depth understanding of how you use online language learning platforms to learn Chinese.

Please visit this website for more details of the research and feel free to contact me at if you have any questions.