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295 Japanese Songs To Suit Every Mood

By Memrise Team

ANI-SON Anime Theme Songs

Great Anime songs, old and new. If you want to be the star of your next Karaoke night out, you’ll want to learn these bangers that are sure to bring the whole room together.

Enka for Beginners (演歌)

Enka music has been around for a while, but it’s still loved by everyone today. It’s intoxicating music, as this traditional singing style is often about romance, hometown, alcohol, alcohol or alcohol.

Japanese Covers of Foreign Songs

These Japanese renditions of popular English songs are so good, you might actually like them better than the originals.

Being a teenager in 2000s Japan (青春)

If you grew up in 2000s, this list is for you. The 青春 (seishun) in Japan fell in love with these passionate songs full of optimism, love and innocence.

Japanese Kakkoii Rock

Bubblegum pop not for you? This is your playlist then. From punk to rock legends X Japan, you can turn this up to 11.