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Announcing… Memrise for Teachers!

By Memrise Blog

We’re delighted to announce the launch of Memrise Tools for Teachers!

Two superpowers the new tools give you:

  1. Control what your students learn: Create a class, then add students to the class. Then choose which courses you want them to learn. They’ll automatically see the courses you set appear on their dashboard when they login.

  2. Track student progress at a glance: leaderboards are automatically created for your class, and for each course your class is studying. You’ll only see your students, not all the other people who are learning that course on Memrise. They can also see the leaderboards and can compete for the top spot!

These tools would not have come into being without the incredibly thoughtful and insightful feedback of over a thousand teachers who contributed to the design and testing process – a huge thank you to you all!

This is the first step towards a much richer tools to help teachers make the best use of Memrise in the classroom. We’ve got lots in the pipeline, and we’re always looking for more ideas and feedback, so please do join the Memrise for Teachers Facebook group and add your ideas into the mix!

To start using the tools just head to www.memrise.com/teachers and register as a teacher. Once you’ve registered you will immediately see the ‘your courses’ option appear on the left of your dashboard. Then you’re all set!