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Announcing the winners of the Goal Setter Challenge!

By Memrise Blog

At the beginning of February we challenged you to try out our new Goal Setter and stick to your learning goal for 12 consecutive days. We were amazed to see how many of you accepted the challenge and went on to conquer your daily quest! And now that the challenge has come to an end, we hope to see our whole community of Memrisers making the most of this nifty tool and raising the learning bar by meeting their learning goal every day.

So now, without further ado, we announce the winners of the February Goal Setter Challenge!

20,000 Daily Goal

Prize pack: Memrise Premium, T-shirt and a set of stickers.

  1. Walkingalone
  2. Иван_Ульямович
  3. rdanitz
  4. memristance
  5. Sharon

6,000 Daily Goal

Memrise T-Shirt and set of stickers.

  1. PeterStrang
  2. angia_
  3. JensSosa
  4. Vanya_Vasileva
  5. xavier.letouche03
  6. peta007
  7. pnicklas613
  8. rennish
  9. Caroline102
  10. christina.wagonercf
  11. meghar
  12. Qumran
  13. vadimbelov
  14. DukeLuke9
  15. loesvanbos

1, 500 Daily Goal

Set of stickers to match your Memrise rank.

  1. zjakkmd
  2. wojtast
  3. Will.Nguyen
  4. Vozeneldesierto
  5. vcar2000
  7. ticialbano
  8. seethe457
  9. SamCox
  10. rostix
  11. plebe2
  12. NaomiSharp
  13. Miss_veg
  14. mirjam.herman
  15. Lilium-concolor
  16. Kuchen99
  17. koyama99
  18. jovianmoonsystem
  19. jacaks
  20. georg.felgitschd8
  21. frekitan
  22. felixfoertsch
  23. DavidClarke
  24. Caroline.Livre
  25. BlockheadGrande
  26. AnnieSebastienne
  27. Angelos
  28. ajdias
  29. 1emmak
  30. anmigipi

Did you spot your name in the list? Congratulations! We’ll be getting in touch with you shortly via email.

A big thank you to everyone that took part. Are you ready for the next challenge? The March MemChallenge for Classes will let you discover a new and fun way to learn in a group, so get your class mates or friends together and sign up!