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April Challenge – Create a Memrise course!

By Memrise Blog

This month, we want you to pick a topic that you are passionate about, and turn it into a top-notch Memrise course. It can be your native language, the language you are learning, a subject you’re studying at school, or facts about your favorite book or animal; the goal is for you to help other Memrisers grow their minds with a course that is enlightening, captivating and super enjoyable.


  1. Create a course. You can do so as an individual or with a group or friends as contributors. All courses created between April 1 and 30 will be eligible to participate.

  2. All courses must have a minimum of 25 and a maximum of 50 items, spread in as many levels as you decide. Multimedia levels won’t count as items, feel free to use them.

  3. Make sure your course has all the information a user will need to learn it: correct facts and translations, audio, images, attributes and mems.

  4. Post the link to your course in this Forum thread. That will count as the official registration.

  5. Throughout the month, your course will need to have at least 15 people learning, the more people learning your course, the better!


We will take into account 3 separate categories:

  • Languages
  • General Knowledge (Arts, Literature, Sciences, Natural Word, History, Geography, Entertainment)
  • School courses and/or Standardised Tests

1 winner and 2 runner-ups will be chosen in each category.

We will judge the quality of the courses based on the following:

– Accuracy of facts and/or translations.

– Completeness. We’ll be looking for courses that provide the best and most information so make sure you provide anything that is relevant to your own course:

*Words and Definitions




*Course Description (All fields in the Description tab must be filled out)

*Mems (Please note that Picture columns in a course are different from Mems)

– Number of learners. A really good course is one that many people will want to learn, so we’ll be paying attention to courses with many learners. Make sure you tell your friends about your course! Each week we’ll promote the best courses in our Social Media, too.


  • There are no restrictions to the type of tests and testing directions you can use.
  • You can, additionally, create a Group for people to join in and challenge each other to learn your course. This is one of the easiest ways to invite people to join your course.

If you have any questions, please send an email to oliviaz@memrise.com