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Alex Rawlings

9 Things You Should Know about Mexican Day of the Dead

In Mexico, the “Day of the Dead” or Día de Muertos is one of the biggest dates in the calendar. Here are nine things you should know about it:   1. There’s no such thing as a “Day of the Dead parade”… Continue reading →

40 French Words You Already Know

Around a third of all words in English come from French. This is due to the Norman conquest of Britain in 1066, when French started to be used in official contexts in England, along with Latin. Although English is a… Continue reading →

What do Mexican and US place names mean?

MEXICO Guadalajara Guadalajara is the capital of the western Jalisco region of Mexico. Its name means ‘river or valley of stones’. Guadalajara in Mexico is named after the city Guadalajara in Spain, Much of Spain was ruled by Moorish Arabs… Continue reading →

10 Reasons Why You Should Learn German

Even Mark Twain said that German is a ‘slippery and elusive language’, so why do people keep advising you to learn it? You may have heard of its endless verb conjugations and four noun cases, and let’s not even talk… Continue reading →

Plan The Perfect Weekend in Istanbul

1. Try Turkish Breakfast Turkish breakfast should be your favourite meal! If it isn’t, it will be soon. Here are some of my favourite places to get it in Istanbul: Van Kahvaltı in Cihangir, Beyoğlu A huge breakfast with a… Continue reading →

New Official Course: Icelandic for English speakers

Good news for Nordic fans! Very soon, you’ll be able to learn Icelandic with Memrise using a specially created course from the team. The language of Björk will be available on a 100 item short-course with full audio and “Meet… Continue reading →

Awesome Alphabets from Around Europe

Here at Memrise, we think alphabets are pretty awesome. So to celebrate the European Day of Languages, we’ve decided to take a look at some of the different writing systems that we use around Europe. Special challenge: write us a… Continue reading →

5 Unexpected Things Traveling Teaches You about Language Learning

Quit my job. Check. One-way ticket to Buenos Aires. Check.  Backpack that’s way heavier than it should be. Check. Spanish knowledge.  Zero. I was about to fly to South America for 4-months. I was going to explore the places in… Continue reading →

España y el plurilingüismo

Àngela Morales nació y creció en España, pero su lengua materna no es el castellano. Ella, al igual que mucha gente de su ciudad natal, Tarragona, es catalanoparlante. Para Àngela no es ningún problema cambiar al castellano con quien lo… Continue reading →

London Off The Beaten Track

Experience London like a local with Memrise’s top tips for travellers that like going off the beaten track.

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