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A very Memrise Christmas

It’s the festive season once again, and the Memrise office is suitably decked out. We’ve got Christmas trees on every floor, Secret Santas prowling the corridors, and threw an epic Christmas party to boot.  But we’re lucky to have people… Continue reading →

What Exactly is Singles’ Day?

Forget Valentine’s Day – how about a festival to celebrate singledom? Singles’ Day is celebrated in China on the 11th of November. As the name suggests, it’s an occasion for singletons to celebrate (or commiserate) their lot. Find out more,… Continue reading →

Say goodbye to our mascot, Ziggy

You spoke, we listened. We want you to have a fun learning experience. One that’s as effective as possible and helps you discover new worlds and cultures. So when you said you didn’t like Ziggy, we had to take action…. Continue reading →

Made-in-Japan English!

The Japanese language has no hesitations when it comes to importing words from abroad, and why not? Foreign words add spice to our mother tongue! New layers of meaning and nuance can be instantly introduced to the local language when… Continue reading →

We asked you what your favourite English accents were

We asked you what your favourite English accents were     People from all over the world with over75 native tonguesvoted in our survey on 60+ accents and the results are in. Overall, accents from the British Isles* were most revered,… Continue reading →

Learn Authentic Japanese With These Films

Different social groups in Japan all use very different language to communicate: just by changing the way you say things you can sound more masculine, girly, scary, young, or even samurai-esque! Let’s watch some Japanese films to learn how to… Continue reading →

Why English isn’t written the way it sounds

English spelling – it’s weird, right? I mean, just take the word “right” – there are four sounds: R-A-Y-T, and so of course, we spell it “RIGHT”. To the untrained eye, it might seem like some form of masochism to… Continue reading →

How Aztec and Mayan languages influenced Mexican Spanish

Mexico isn’t only about tequila, mariachi music, and chipotle sauce. If that was your idea of Mexico, you’d better keep reading to find out the true sauce of this mythical country. People often talk about Christopher Columbus ‘discovering’ the Americas,… Continue reading →

Boost Your Japanese, Chinese or Korean With These 10 Kick-Ass Expressions

1. The old man lost his horse Japanese: 塞翁が馬  sai-ō-ga-uma Chinese: 塞翁失马  sài-wēng-shī-mǎ Korean: 새옹지마  se-ung-ji-ma Meaning: a setback can turn out to be a blessing in disguise Once upon a time in Ancient China, there was a man who everybody called… Continue reading →

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