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A Japanese Twist on Star Wars

In honour of Star Wars Day we asked around the Memrise team to find out who our biggest Star Wars fans were in the office. It turns out, Mariko, our Japanese Language Specialist not only is obsessed with the series,… Continue reading →

Memrise is selected as a nominee for Best App for the Google Play awards

Memrise was recently selected as a nominee for the 2017 annual Google Play Awards in the category of Best App. Among other notable achievements, over the past year, more than 20,000 native speaker videos have been integrated into the app… Continue reading →

Machine Translation vs. Human Translation

Okay Google, what is Hello in Yoruba? With Google Translate you will definitely get the answer in microseconds. It’s Pẹlẹ o. For such uncommon languages like Yoruba and for such common phrases like hello, Google Translate and other online translators… Continue reading →

Why Should I Teach my Child a Second Language?

The Dos and Don’ts of Teaching Our Children a Second Language Giving your child the opportunity to learn a second language is possibly the most exciting and fulfilling thing that you can do as a parent. Well, apart from showing… Continue reading →

The Benefit of Being an Open-minded Language Learner

It seems to me that when people first start learning a language, they believe that they must focus on specific dialects and regions.  For example, they will say, “I want to learn Mexican Spanish” or “I want to learn American… Continue reading →

The Brains behind the Mind-boggling Memprize Competition

Who doesn’t ask themselves the question; how can I accelerate my learning? How can I learn more in less time and actually retain this information later? For this precise reason we decided to create the Memprize competition to find the… Continue reading →

Announcing the Memprize winners!

The Memrise Prize winners announcement.

How to live like a German when learning the language

A Step-by-Step Guide to German Immersion Would you like to learn German? Come to Germany! There is no better place to learn German than in good ol’ sunny Germany. Right?! Are you shaking your head and saying “Nah, man, Germany… Continue reading →

Love in Translation

There has never been more of a need to translate things accurately, to translate things truthfully, and this has to coexist with the fact that languages are growing, changing, and dying all the time—shaped by humanity as it races forwards…. Continue reading →

The MemPrize in a nutshell

A scientific discovery competition with the mission to uncover the most powerful way to learn #writingedtechhistory The MemPrize was inspired by the fact that oddly, there’s no scientific consensus on the most effective way to learn vocabulary. Scientists simply don’t… Continue reading →

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