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12 Music Festivals Around Europe You Can’t Miss

1. Bulgaria – Meadows in the Mountains 7-10 June 2018 This is the ultimate hippy haven festival for people who love jazz, reggae, house and everything inbetween. The festival situated in beautiful Rhodophes Mountains, Bulgaria is a big advocate for… Continue reading →

What Does Music Mean To You?

To celebrate World Music Day, we asked five members of the Memrise team to share some thoughts with us about music. They told us their favourite bands, how they used music to learn, and even how music can help stroke… Continue reading →

How To Celebrate The Summer Solstice Around Europe

If you ever ask a person from Northern Europe to tell you more about Midsummer’s Eve celebrations and what crazy things happen during that night, I advise you to grab a drink and get comfy. Midsummer Eve is notorious for… Continue reading →

The Surprising Story of Fish & Chips

Fish and chips is as British an institution as the Queen, and one of the few dishes that the UK might be recognised for around the world. Sitting on a bench, eating that deep-fried delicious goodness out of yesterday’s newspaper… Continue reading →

London: Guide for Language Lovers

London is one of the greatest cities in the world, because it is the world in one city. Not a day goes by where you don’t hear different languages, eat different foods, or feel overwhelmed by the sheer range of… Continue reading →

A Japanese Twist on Star Wars

In honour of Star Wars Day we asked around the Memrise team to find out who our biggest Star Wars fans were in the office. It turns out, Mariko, our Japanese Language Specialist not only is obsessed with the series,… Continue reading →

How to live like a German when learning the language

A Step-by-Step Guide to German Immersion Would you like to learn German? Come to Germany! There is no better place to learn German than in good ol’ sunny Germany. Right?! Are you shaking your head and saying “Nah, man, Germany… Continue reading →

Love in Translation

There has never been more of a need to translate things accurately, to translate things truthfully, and this has to coexist with the fact that languages are growing, changing, and dying all the time—shaped by humanity as it races forwards…. Continue reading →

Embracing the inner Brad Pitt: Confessions of a language coach learning Italian

Inspired by the Polyglot Gathering in Berlin this year I decided to test my language learning skills. Having advised so many LinguaLift students, I thought it was time to employ my own tips. I’ve learned languages in the past, and… Continue reading →

Olympics Language Facts

Who is excited about the Olympics this year? We thought it would be cool to collect a few fun language facts about the Olympics for you to enjoy! 1. The official languages of the Olympic Games are English and French. 2…. Continue reading →

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