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How Chinese is helping me learn Japanese

During my last two years of school around ten years ago, I was lucky enough to be able to study Japanese and then in my final year, I picked up Chinese too. Both of these courses gave me a good… Continue reading →

How I Learned Spanish with Memrise

Starting easy… I started learning Spanish with Memrise as a total beginner. As I expected, it was very easy. I managed to answer everything very quickly. I still wanted to see how the website worked and what techniques they used… Continue reading →

Diary of a Welsh Summer Course

DAY 1 I’ve come to Llysfasi to do a Welsh course at Popeth Cymraeg. There are only two levels: mynediad (entry level) and sylfael (intermediate). After doing some prep in the months before, I’d decided to go for the intermediate… Continue reading →

Memrising during Ramadan

I’m a “one-and-a-half” (my father was born in Lebanon, my mother in America) generation Arab who can’t speak or read Arabic fluently. More so than finding pork-alternative meals at restaurants, this is another challenge for me practicing Islam. Muslims believe… Continue reading →

Common Homophones in English That You Shouldn’t Confuse

Learning a new language is always tough, and one thing that makes matters even more complicated is homophones. Homophones are words that sound the same when pronounced, but have different meanings. They are often a source of confusion in the… Continue reading →

How to use mnemonics to remember new vocabulary

No matter what language you’re learning you’re going to need words and lots of them! But all too often it can feel like new words just go in one ear and out the other. It’s easy to blame yourself or… Continue reading →

Why Should I Teach my Child a Second Language?

The Dos and Don’ts of Teaching Our Children a Second Language Giving your child the opportunity to learn a second language is possibly the most exciting and fulfilling thing that you can do as a parent. Well, apart from showing… Continue reading →

The Benefit of Being an Open-minded Language Learner

It seems to me that when people first start learning a language, they believe that they must focus on specific dialects and regions.  For example, they will say, “I want to learn Mexican Spanish” or “I want to learn American… Continue reading →

How to live like a German when learning the language

A Step-by-Step Guide to German Immersion Would you like to learn German? Come to Germany! There is no better place to learn German than in good ol’ sunny Germany. Right?! Are you shaking your head and saying “Nah, man, Germany… Continue reading →

Embracing the inner Brad Pitt: Confessions of a language coach learning Italian

Inspired by the Polyglot Gathering in Berlin this year I decided to test my language learning skills. Having advised so many LinguaLift students, I thought it was time to employ my own tips. I’ve learned languages in the past, and… Continue reading →

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