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Practicing languages and saving our planet at the same time: it’s possible!

  You must be wondering how being ecologically responsible has anything to do with language learning? Well it’s easy, I am not talking about going green and changing your entire way of life. I would simply like to suggest a… Continue reading →

TOEFL advice on a budget

Yay, it’s English Language Day! A great way to celebrate the English language is to sit down and learn some tips and tricks from Lucas Fink, our Guest Blogger this month, on how to ace your TOEFL exam. Check out his advice… Continue reading →

How to Start a Career in Languages?

This month Gabriele Monti, creator of thelanguageclass.co.uk tells us all we have to know in order to kickstart a career in languages. If you’re a passionate language lover keep on reading to find out how to make your passion your… Continue reading →

Why Esperanto? Have you heard of Esperanto? Teddy tells all!

Teddy Nee, a language enthusiast blogger, shared his passion for the Esperanto language and his learning experience with us this month. He speaks Medan Hokkien, Indonesian, English, Chinese, Spanish, Esperanto, Portuguese, and French. His mission is to make the world… Continue reading →

We met an Overlord!

We had the pleasure of having one of the famous Memrise Overlords pay us a visit in the office this past month. So we grabbed the opportunity and had a quick chat with him to find out what inspires him… Continue reading →

Jack of all trades or master of one? Tips and Tricks from Anirudh

Anirudh Krishnan is currently working on climate change issues at a centre for mountain development in the Himalayas, involved in communicating scientific findings more effectively to policymakers. He is about to move to a research role at an institute for… Continue reading →

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