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The Membusão’s Final Chapter in Portugal: Lisbon

  What Lisbon lacked in the sexy surfers of Ericeira, it more than made up for in sardines, antique azulejos, and those insatiably good pasteis de nata. It was also where I (Miranda) re-joined the team, after a week back… Continue reading →

The Membusão in Ericeira, Portugal

  ‘Ladies and gentlemen, please all move onto the right hand side of the bus, as double-deckers are given to tipping over’ our driver declared calmly, as we found ourselves driving down one of Ericeira’s many steep sea roads. Thanks to a… Continue reading →

The Membus in Porto

  The Membus made it to Porto in one piece and welcomed a new international crew on board. From the Memrise office came Anna, an escapee doctor now treating the maladies of an ageing bus on a wild retirement break…. Continue reading →

The Membusito in Spain: Season 1

  We reached sunny San Sebastián in record time, excited for our first stint in Spain, and where better to start than in the European Capital of Culture for 2016. We kicked off with a bang by headlining with the… Continue reading →

The Membus: Best of Bordeaux

    Leaving St. Malo, we eventually made it through the parading traffic of lorries on strike, with Dave keeping it at a steady 35mph in “solidarity”. We stopped off at Nantes for lunch and had a bizarre encounter with… Continue reading →

The Membus in St. Malo

  We arrived early in St. Malo, disembarking from the ferry with a great sense of achievement at having officially made it to the continent. But before we could make our way, it was of course our Ukrainian filmmaker Diana… Continue reading →

Day 1 of the Membus Tour

Finally, the morning of departure. We got to Oxford early, to make our last preparations. After eight intensive months of planning, we were nearly ready; after eight months of plotting the itinerary, recruiting the team, decking out the bus… and… Continue reading →

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