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When I moved to…

When I moved to ARGENTINA

In June 2015, I packed my bags, bid my farewells and set off looking for an adventure with a one-way ticket to Buenos Aires. Two years later, I can confidently say that it was a life-changing decision and the experience… Continue reading →

When I moved to FRANCE (2)

When things fall into place: on moving to France and (not) being ginger When I moved to France, I couldn’t figure out for a long time why everyone was asking me whether I was ginger. Do I look ginger to… Continue reading →

When I moved to COLOMBIA

“En Colombia, el único riesgo es querer quedarse” In Colombia, the only risk is that you want to stay. It seems to happen more here than anywhere else. I moved to Medellín two years ago, and wasn’t even intending to…. Continue reading →

When I moved to… ENGLAND

I moved to the North of England in 2003. I wanted to discover “real” England, far from Buckingham Palace and the Tube. I was a 90s teenager obsessed with Britpop and found escapism and meaning in song lyrics. My favourite… Continue reading →

When we moved to TORONTO

When crisis hit Greece in 2010, our plans for moving abroad sped up. I had lived in France for a while and absolutely loved it. We also considered the Netherlands (I’d even started learning Dutch from a nice webpage I’d… Continue reading →

When I moved to ROME

Why did you decide to move? Back in 2006, I went on my first overseas trip. With a friend, I left Australia and for three weeks we travelled around Italy and France. After that trip I came back home to… Continue reading →

When I moved to the USA

Originally, moving to the United States was not something I planned. I was 10 when my father told my family that we were going to have to move to the U.S., which I wasn’t very happy about. It was a… Continue reading →

When we moved to… FRANCE

Why did you decide to move to France? In 2014, we quit our jobs and took a year off to travel the world. But when we returned to London, we realised we had fallen out of love with city life…. Continue reading →

When I moved to… ATHENS

Athens. Five years later… So, here I am – in my old rented apartment in the middle of Athens, hiding from the midday heat as the heat wave has arrived with a vengeance. Someone is having their apartment renovated and… Continue reading →

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