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Coffee, Cake and videos in East London

By Memrise Blog

Our prototyping team has been hard at work designing new ways to help you strengthen your memories – audio tests, contextual tests, fill-in-the blank tests… lots of exciting stuff in the works!

One of the learn modes we’re most excited about is the use of very short, vine-like videos for testing how words are used in context. We’ve run a lot of experiments on the most effective and enjoyable way to do this, and we’re getting close to something magical.

To finish off the initial version we need to do a bit more intensive video-making and testing… and for that, we need your help:

We’re looking for 20 volunteers to come along to Memrise HQ in East London next Wednesday (17th of June) for an hour or so of filming and fun. We need a variety of people through the day, so do book in to come along any time that you have a spare hour between 9am and 9pm!

All you need to do is to say a few words and phrases on camera – it’s as simple as that. The only requirements are that you’re a native English speaker (we’ll need help with other languages very soon!) and that you’re excited by the idea of helping millions of people improve their English. Lunch, tea, cake, coffee and drinks will be provided throughout the day!

If that sounds like fun email info@memrise.com with “Video Volunteer” in the subject line. Don’t forget to tell us what time you can come – we’l need to balance it out throughout the day, and the first volunteers for each time slot will get the spaces… so be quick!