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Congratulations to the newest Memperor!

By Memrise Blog

This week has seen the creation of the newest member of the second-highest Memrise rank, Memperor. Massive congratulations to suba on reaching those dizzy heights! (See this thread for the full list of Memrise ranks!)

Seeing suba’s astonishing speed of progress – 50 million points in just 10 months and 10 days – we got in touch to ask the Memperor a few questions and share a bit about how and why he learns.

Memrise: First of all, massive congratulations on the amount, the speed and the consistency of your learning – an example to us all! Could you give us a super fast 3 sentence introduction to yourself?

suba: I live in a bilingual (Dutch-English) household right on the German border. I thought about studying either English, French or Spanish, but I did not want to confine myself professionally to one language in particular. So I went another way entirely and became a geography teacher. It’s so obvious when you think about it : )

Memrise: So, what are you learning at the moment?

suba: I’m currently focusing on learning Chinese from scratch and expanding my Czech vocabulary. I mostly use Tintin comics to help me do that, which has been a quite successful strategy for me in the past. I have learnt quite a few European languages that way and I use memrise to keep those plates spinning as well. Works like a charm!

Memrise: Have you always been a learning superstar?

suba: I’ve always had a knack for languages and mimicking accents but I was never an exceptional student in other subjects. 

Memrise: Who was the best teacher you ever had and why?

suba: My witty English professor who had studied Hungarian and Finnish claimed to speak seven languages. I knew right there and then that I wanted to be able to achieve that too, one day. 

Memrise: Who or what inspires you to learn new things?

suba: Even if I were the last person to inhabit the Earth I would probably still peruse dictionaries and delve into enigmatic texts. Just for the fun of it. I’ve always thought it daft to take pride in one’s language skills or memory, but I do think it’s essential to hone those talents and not let them go to waste. 

Memrise: What is the best thing you’ve learned recently?

suba: The most important thing I have learnt since discovering memrise is that I will never again equate learning grammar to learning a language. Grammar-based language education is a waste of time for me. I have developed a keen interest in Czech grammar now, but only after I had learnt a few thousand words and was able to read simple texts.  

Memrise: Sum yourself up in three hashtags

suba: #inquisitive #non-lineair #stubborn

Memrise: Thanks very much for chatting – and we’ll keep an eye out to see you levelling up to be the first Overlord soon!