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Cool new Memrise stuff to learn, accompanying today’s Observer

By Memrise Blog

“Memrisers will soon know full well that this is an Anglo-Arab”

I’m pleased to be able to say that today’s Observer included a long supplement on memory written by yours truly – it’ll come onto the Guardian website tomorrow.

It’s quite a fun piece, with lots of exercises to test and grow your memory, and a few inventive games exploring the re-discovery of neglected memories and some of the other mysteries of our mnemonic powers. Naturally, there are plenty of tips and tricks, but there’s also a fair amount of exploration of what the concept of memory really means- and in particular  of how it can only be understood if we recognise its intimate connection to emotion, perception and attention.

Meanwhile, here at Memrise, we took the opportunity to create lots of interesting content to accompany the guide.

Perhaps most excitingly, we’ve given the famous Guardian wallcharts the Memrise treatment, with their well-worth-remembering selections of different kinds of cheese, horsemammal, fish, reptile, cow, insect, herb, flower and much much more.

With our splendid community, we also created some general knowledge sets to help teach the leaves of trees, the names of important American and British politicians, members of the Chinese politburo standing committee, Hobo symbols -which should come as a great relief- and it would meanwhile be remiss not to mention constellations and famous paintings.

Of course, our primary mission remains for the moment to bring languages to life, but we’d love to know your thoughts on these interesting new materials.