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Dark Mode Just Got Even Darker

By Memrise Team

In time for Halloween. Scaaary! 🧛‍♂️

Gather around, ghosts and ghouls, and hear a spooky tale of dark magic…

Well, not really. But it is scary how much you’re enjoying our Dark Mode – since launching in September, over 80% of you who’ve tried it have kept it as your default setting! 

Our mad scientists (aka developers) wanted to make a good thing even better. Here are a few things they’ve upgraded:

Dark Spirit

Our original Dark Mode featured bright colours (because they’re pretty), but the new Dark Mode has more toned-down colours. This makes the viewing experience even easier on the eyes.

Spooky Clarity

It’s a simple change, but increasing the contrast on the keyboard during typing tests improves legibility, making it easier for you to learn on the app.

Scary Signs

Now that most of everything is dark, we’re using colours to clearly show you what the next step or options are.

It’s ready on iOS, so just make sure your app is updated to the latest version. Android users will have to wait juuuust a little while longer (next week), but you know what they say – good things come to those who wait.

Happy Halloween 🎃 from all of us at Memrise!

P.S. Don’t forget to check out our very special Halloween English course! You already know the language, but we didn’t want you to miss out on the fun 👻