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Digital Learning Day

By Memrise Blog

Digital Learning Day was initially created by Alliance for Excellent Education to promote innovative and digital teaching. This day is not about technology, it is about amplifying the role of teachers in classrooms in order to have more immersive learning experiences. This year, Digital Learning Day is celebrated on the 13th of March.

The digital revolution has allowed us to access an immense amount of knowledge and empower us to educate ourselves. We can now study anywhere at anytime and be instructed and assessed individually. In schools, it is not sufficient anymore to simply use textbooks, teachers have to adapt to this changing environment. Digital technology provides teachers with many different tools, which they can then use to strengthen students’ learning experience. Pupils are better able to reach their full potential, as they are given personalised instructions. With the help of the digital world we can now feel fully immersed in our education.

Digital Learning Day celebrates digital technology as a tool for learning, which gives us the opportunity to become evermore inventive.

It’s common nowadays to take for granted how reliant we are on digital tools in order to access knowledge. Celebrate Digital Learning day by sharing with us what digital technology you use to learn every day – other than Memrise, of course!

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