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Do it with Memrise: key to learning is having fun

By Memrise Team

Class is in session. Please throw away your textbook and muck about.

Somehow, language learning became boring. A group of supervillains must have gotten together and plotted to ruin the fun for everyone. Teach them useless phrases! Make them ask “when will I ever need this?!” Muahahaha…

Well, we’re not going to stand for it. We’re here to make learning fun, and you’ll learn better and retain more as a result. In our classroom, you’re asked to throw away the textbook and have fun with the language. Here are four ways you’ll learn faster when you do it with Memrise:

1. Learn things that real people actually say

Making a connection to the language is so important, especially early on in your journey. We never want you to ask “when will I ever need this?”, which is why we teach you useful phrases that are cheeky and fun to say. Like how to vent your frustrations like a Parisian or how to gush over K-Pop idols like a Korean. Ah, putain !

Here’s a sampler – how to say “I love your accent” in Italian, German and Spanish. It’s a line you can use to break the ice and make friends. A few words that could be the start of a beautiful relationship. You’re welcome.

2. It takes a village

It’s soooooo frustrating when you think a word sounds like one thing on paper then it sounds completely unrecognisable in real life. Words sound different when spoken with different accents, emotions and situations. This is why it’s important to train your ears to listen to the different subtleties of spoken language, and we’ve got just the thing (or six things) to help.

All this just to teach you one phrase 😎

In our app, you’ll find at least 6 variations for every word or phrase with video content, which helps not only with understanding how to pronounce it, but how they can sound from different people in different situations. By the time you hear it in real life, your ears would have been fine-tuned by all the different locals in our app. It’s also fun when you start mentally picking your favourites locals, just try not to fall in love with them. We can’t give you their numbers, no matter how often you tweet us.

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3. Fake it and you’ll make it

To say things out loud in a new language, you need to build confidence. To build confidence, you need to practice saying things out loud. What a conundrum. Enter Dub Mode.

Sound on 🔊

The best way to build that confidence is to mimic someone else that knows what they’re doing, right? Dub Mode is a bonus level that pops up when once you’ve finished reviewing your words for the day in a Pronunciation session. It gives you the chance to measure up against how a native speaker would pronounce it, and make adjustments until you get it right. You’ll giggle at how your voice sounds over someone else at first, but that’s the point!  Have fun with it, loosen up, and get all those jitters out of the way. It’s not only fun to do, but it makes you pay full attention to the native speaker: the lip movements, the accents, even the expressions.

This special bonus mode is available only on iOS right now on nearly all courses*. We’re constantly working to make it better and to bring it to Android devices, so watch this space!

*not available yet on Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese, Arabic, Polish, and Turkish

4. Think fast. Remember faster.

Now that you’ve got the words, the tone and the confidence, all that’s left to do is remember all the right words and when to use it. Easy! Until you panic under pressure and forget everything you’ve learned. ARUGH.

Speed Review in our app puts your brain through the training it needs in a game that will help you handle the pressure. Like a classic video game, you’ll need to complete a level in a certain time without losing your three lives. Come to think of it, this might be more pressure than real life 😅

The gamified pressure trains your brain to perform under pressure. By the time you need the phrases in real life, it’ll be like second nature.

Right, that’s enough for today. Now get back to class and start playing.

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