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Downtime discussions 2: what is it that can make learning truly fun?

By Memrise Blog

Memrise is down at the moment for the final in a series of database migrations (see here for more information on this). This is causing painful withdrawal symptoms in Memrisers across the world, for which we are deeply sorry.

While we await the return of Memrise, and to keep our minds stimulated, we’ve seen some very interesting questions posed here about memory and Memrise, which we’ve done our best to respond to, and will continue to do so.

Now, we’d like to turn discussion to a concept we spend lots of time thinking about here at Memrise: what is it about certain learning experiences that make them especially enjoyable? What leads to confidence in learning? Why We’re aware we’re just beginning to provide compelling answers to these questions in the product we’re developing, and we’re keen to expand our thinking, if you can forgive us that the site is currently still in maintenance.

We’d love to hear anecdotes, insights, ideas in three ways:

a) examples of times in your experience (on or off Memrise) when learning was fun, when confidence was particularly high or when learning felt especially interesting or effortless.

b) any ideas you may have over what typically makes learning more effortful than, say, gossiping or watching television

c) Any thoughts on how Memrise could amplify the fun it provides.

Any and all ideas and comments most welcome!