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Ed Cooke on The Art of Memory at Princeton

By Memrise Blog

Mr Memory columnist of the London Times, author of Remember, Remember (Penguin, 2008), and Grandmaster of Memory, Ed Cooke is giving a public lecture at Princeton:

  • Wednesday, June 17th at 8:00PM
  • Princeton University, Betts Auditorium Room N-101, Architecture Building.

Ed famously trained journalist Josh Foer to become the US Memory Champion in less than a year, has consistently finished in the top ten in the World Memory Championships, and has been featured on major news outlets including CBS, BBC, The New York Times, and all major UK radio and print news outlets.

Cooke’s memory skills include memorizing 1000 numbers in an hour, ten packs of cards in an hour, and a deck of cards in under two minutes. Cooke has remembered the order of a shuffled deck of cards in 43 seconds- more than twice as fast as the record US time.

We invite you to join Ed, learn how to learn, and watch amazing memory feats.

P.S. We did not make up the title of ‘Grandmaster of Memory’. This gives you a flavor of what’s involved: