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FAQ for February Goal Setter Challenge

By Memrise Blog

There is still enough time to join the February Goal Setter Challenge, set your goals and start learning towards the 12 day streak required to enter the prize draw.

We have had questions coming in about the rules of the challenge and put together answers for most frequently asked questions.

1. If I do my learning in different time zones then how will that affect the streak? The goal setter streak and points reset at midnight in the time zone set in your user profile settings. You can learn in different time zones but the points will be counted according to the time zone selected on your settings page. The streak is counted automatically and you will see it being completed when you have done enough learning. If you need to switch time zones, change the time zone setting after you have completed the goal for that day.

2. Can I enter the challenge multiple times and how does that work? Yes, you can enter the challenge as many times as you have courses with goals set. E.g. you are learning three courses, have set a 1,500 point goal for one course and 20,000 point goal for another, are achieving those goals for those two courses 12 days in a row and so at the end of the month you will have one entry for the 1,500 point goal prize and one entry for the 20,000 point goal prize.

3. Can I change goals during the challenge? Yes you can change the goal during the challenge, but to qualify for the draw you have to have completed the streak reaching the same goal. E.g. if you set a goal to 1,500 points and change it to 6,000 points on day 6, you need to complete the streak of 12 days with the 6,000 point goal to qualify for the draw.

4. What can I do if I chose a short course that gets completed before the 12 day streak? In case the course is too short to continue learning and reaching the goal, you can restart the course as an extreme measure 🙂 You will not lose the streak for the course. We estimate that with 60 words left to learn in a course you should be able to hit the 1,500 point daily goal, with 200 words to learn the 6,000 point goal and with 500 words the 20,000 goal.

5. Do you have to wait a whole day for your points to reset? If you don’t see the goal points being reset for a new day, check your time zone settings and make sure you have selected the one you are doing the learning in and save it on your settings page.

6. Can I do my learning using the app? Yes you can learn the necessary amount of points using the app and do that in the offline mode as well, however, to have your goal streak up and running you need to sync your offline learning on that day you did the learning. Any syncing on the following days will update your learning progress, but the streak for goal setter will be broken on the day when no online syncing takes place.