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From Mexico City to Warsaw- Meet Memonimee David Huerta.

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A few weeks ago, a video of people across Europe saying “Hello, my name is” in different languages was shared in our Facebook wall. Its creator, David Huerta, is a Memriser from Mexico who also runs his own blog. We’ve introduced you to some seasoned Membassadors, but we thought this would be a good chance to get to know what motivates a young Memonimee such as David. So, without further ado, here he is!

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My complete name is Jose David Huerta Beltran, or you can just call me David to make it easier. I was born in Mexico City 23 years ago, but now I am living in Poland studying my Master’s Degree at Warsaw School of Economics. This year I had the feeling of sharing my experiences and I decided to create my first blog. I am a big fan of football, tequila, traveling and a salsa lover.

What are you learning at the moment?

I am learning Polish language at the moment. Sometimes I feel that it is like a suicide mission, but I am improving with time. Maybe you are wondering ‘Why are you learning Polish?’ – The main reason is because 2 years ago while I was doing my exchange studies in Paris I met a beautiful Polish girl, and in March of last year I decided to leave everything for her. Now that I live in Poland it is still difficult to communicate with some Polish people, for example with my father in law or with my soccer teammates. Also, by learning this language it will be much easier to find a better job, make new friends and get to know better Polish culture.

Have you always been good at learning?

I can say that I have been always good at learning, but that depends on what we are talking about. During my studies I have always had a scholarship, and in order to not lose it I had to learn a lot, or I would have had to leave my studies because I would not have money to pay for them. Now a main goal I have is to be fluent in at least in 4 different languages, so I will really have to be good at learning or my plan will fail for sure.

Who was the best teacher you ever had and why?

The best teacher I ever had was in my elementary school, I always knew her as ‘nun Olga’ or ‘Sor Olga’ in Spanish language. I was a student in a catholic school and she was a religious woman, she was really strict, smart, punctual, and a motivating person. I am sure she was the person that formed me in my academic life. Every day she forced me to learn new things, to read, to not be afraid of dreaming, to take risks, to think, to explore, to take responsibilities, to create, to imagine, to be the best. Can you imagine a bunch of 10 years old kids without control in a classroom? I am sure you can, but with her it was different. All my classmates were paying attention, listening carefully to her and what she was saying, we were not afraid of her, we had respect for her. I have not seen ‘Sor Olga’ in a long time, but I know she is still being a teacher in that small elementary school in Mexico City forming good people for the hard thing that is called ‘life’.

Who or what inspires you to learn new things?

I can say what inspires me to learn new things are the people around me: my family, my friends, and my colleagues. I always want to be the person whom my little cousins, my girlfriend, my parents or my brother will consider as their hero. It is a hard goal I have, but that is why I like to learn, I like to be the person they consult when they have a problem, a question, or they just want an advice. And if they come to me in those situations, the feeling I have in that moment is priceless.

What is the best thing you’ve learned recently?

Recently I did a small trip around Europe and I learned a lot of new things during it. Certainly it was the best trip of my whole life, I was travelling by car and I learned that in some countries you will need to purchase a ‘vignette’ to use the highways, I was waiting for a card or something similar but in Hungary they just gave me a normal ticket, but the police was checking your plate number by cameras on the road to see if you paid for it, that was pretty awesome. Also, I learned how to pack into a small car’s trunk 2 suitcases, a fridge, a camping house, sleeping bags, and dozens of useful stuff for my trip; I learned that during crossing any border in Europe the police control will check my Mexican passport for a long time trying to discover if I am a fugitive ‘drug-lord’; I learned what a Mesquite looks like inside; I learned that it is easy to cross four European countries in one day; I learned that ‘Game of Thrones’ was recorded in Dubrovnik-Croatia; I learned how to use a video-software for my blog; I learned how to say thank you in Hungarian; I learned some communication techniques to ask for something in different countries; I learned that Croatian mosquitos are really hungry; I learned that I can live without internet for some days; I learned that it is dangerous to walk in the forests of Bosnia because of the lost mines; I learned that the first question a foreigner will ask me is ‘Is Mexico dangerous?’; I learned that the snack ‘langos’ is delicious, and I just confirm that I love to travel.

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