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Here’s how Memrise helps you through Ramadan

By Memrise Team

Ramadan is a special time of the year, but it also comes with a unique set of challenges (like containing your excitement for sunset). Here are four ways Memrise helps you focus less on your empty stomach and more on filling your mind and soul.

1. How to pasta the time

Something weird happens to clocks during Ramadan. They speed up for the feasting hours and slow down during the fasting hours. Forget time completely with Memrise. We made it our mission to create the most entertaining way to learn a new language. There are games to play, videos to watch and a gazillion points to score*.

(*not the actual number of points, but it’s close)

2. Films make the day go smoothie

You can’t binge on food yet but you can binge-watch movies. Foreign language films are even better if you’ve started learning the language (with our app, of course). You don’t have to know all the words but it’s great fun when the actors use a familiar phrase and you can shout “I know that one”! Just cover your eyes for the restaurant scenes.

3. Seafood everywhere

Food is always on the brain if there’s none in your stomach. When your Facebook friends look good enough to eat, close your social networks and satisfy your thirst for travel instead. Our video clips show you real locals speaking their language in the places they live. You get a culturally rich mini-tour of an exciting part of the world.

4. No more waffling

OK, we’ll stop making all these ridiculous food puns and move on. Concentrating is tough when you’re hungry. Luckily our bite-sized sessions make it a piece of cake for your noodle to remember new words.

Please don’t hate us.

Happy Ramadan from all of us at Memrise.

P.S. If you want to broaden your horizons this Ramadan, now’s a great time to get a membership.

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