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How I Learned Spanish with Memrise

By Memrise Team

Starting easy…

I started learning Spanish with Memrise as a total beginner. As I expected, it was very easy. I managed to answer everything very quickly. I still wanted to see how the website worked and what techniques they used to teach a new language. Of course, the first courses were very basic, but perfect for a beginner (which I wasn’t). Memrise has an entertaining way of teaching through “gamification”.

“Memrise has an entertaining way of teaching through “gamification”.”

I skipped a few levels as I wanted to find one that suited me. Like that, I learned a lot of new words in one day.  Memrise uses different techniques to help you remember new vocabulary. They show you videos of native speakers, make you type words out, make you read it and make you listen to it over and over.

Why is Memrise better than other apps?

Capture d_écran 2017-08-23 à 11.00.51Memrise makes sure you practise every day to reach your daily goal, and stick to your month’s learning graph and learning streaks.

It is also very easy to access. In pro mode, Memrise also works offline. That means you can download courses for when you don’t have internet access. This motivated me and made me more productive, as I was practising every day.

The game aspect of learning that Memrise provides makes it enjoyable. You have a learning buddy that evolves as you do. You also have a leaderboard to create a little competition between you and your friends. All these details made me motivated and effective plus I enjoyed doing learning.


Trying different techniques.

I started a new course called ‘Advanced Spanish for French Speakers’ which had quite difficult vocabulary, but had no videos, sound or typing tests. The only thing it provided was advanced vocabulary, which makes it interesting in the beginning but the lack of motivation makes you quit very easily.


I wanted to try out a different technique to learn more quickly and efficiently. I carried on following the courses, but instead started writing out the vocabulary list from each level in a notebook. Then I would learn the vocabulary ten words at a time.

My experience with Memrise was a complete success. I achieved my goal which was to expand my vocabulary and improve what I had already learned. Memrise was fun, easy to access and free! I totally recommend everyone to use it.

fullsizerender-1.jpgHi! My name is Hermine and I am sixteen. I fluently speak French and English but I am also learning Spanish. I started to learn Spanish at school so I already can speak but not fluently and I am lacking vocabulary.

I’ve just completed a three week internship at Memrise during which I helped out in the Marketing department and brushed up some of my languages!

Feeling inspired to learn a new language?

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