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How to use your brain like a pro

By Memrise Blog

If someone told you that they could change you from a normal, forgetful person into the US memory champion in just one year, would you believe them? Josh Foer didn’t.

Memrise’s co-founder, Grandmaster of Memory Ed Cooke, met Josh at the US memory championships a few years ago. Josh was there as a journalist covering the event. Ed was there as part of his training for the up-coming world championships.

They got talking.

Josh told Ed that he thought that no one but a freak could memorize like Ed did. Ed told Josh that that was utter rubbish – anyone can learn to use their brain like a pro. To prove the point, he said that he could teach Josh how to win the US Memory Championships the very next year. So the bet was struck.

One year later, Josh duly won the US Memory Championships.

You can read about his journey and the tricks that Ed taught him to use in a New York times article, here.

If you want to try these techniques for yourself, you can. For the last two years, Ed and the rest of the Memrise team have been working on a program to help anyone make use of the techniques that helped Josh.