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It’s now easier to practice speaking with Memrise!

By Memrise Team

Building the confidence to make a whole new set of sounds with your mouth is no walk in the park. We’ve all been there. And our pronunciation lessons are designed to help you accomplish that. But we want to get you there faster and make sure you’re having fun while practising. So, over the past few weeks, we’ve been working on making pronunciation lessons better and easier to use. Here’s what new:

  • Instead of tapping and holding to record, now you’ll tap to start, then tap again to stop. No worrying about slippery fingers messing up your recording!
  • Smoother UI and clearer instructions mean that you can just focus on speaking. Tap, record: “Grassy-ass”, tap to stop. Boom.
  • On iOS, instead of ‘record and compare’ we’ll now analyse your recording and tell you if you’re pronouncing it right or if you still need to work on it.
  • On iOS, you’ll get a lip-synch round! Once you’ve completed 10 pronunciation tests, you’ll get a series of our Learn with Locals videos. Listen to how they say a phrase, then record yourself lip-syncing to it. Do it well, fake it, exaggerate it, do it worry free! This one’s about having fun.
Pronunciation Lesson Updates

We hope these changes really improve your experience, making you more eager to practice speaking in a new language and more confident about trying it out in the real world. Go update the app to try it out!