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#MadeWithMemrise – May edition

By Memrise Team

Learning a new language can sometimes be tough, but we believe it should always be fun. Looks like you do too – here are a few moments you made with Memrise last month:

How do you say “I love you” in German again?

Is it me or is it getting hot in here?

“You’re so full of it, mummy!”

No idea what Carolyn meant by that. Nope. 😇

I can do this all day/week/month/year

와! 쩐다!* Keep that streak going, let’s get it from 3 day to 333 days!

* That means “Wow! Awesome!”. You’ll learn that later 😉

“I’m already bilingual. I can speak emoji 🤪”

What a great start, Lil’ Star! And thanks for the lovely review on the app store. Perhaps you’d like to help us create a new course on how to speak emojis?

If you have your own Memrise moments, don’t forget to tag with @memrise or #MadeWithMemrise. Maybe you’ll make the blog too 😉