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March MemChallenge for Classes – update

By Memrise Blog

It’s already halfway through the Memrise Challenge for Classes! To keep the excitement at maximum, we’ve taken a look at data to bring you a halfway-stage leaderboard. We’re keeping the class identities secret at the moment – but perhaps you can recognise your class!

The top 10 list below shows the average number of points per student and the number of students in a participating class as of this morning (15th March). If your class is taking part of the challenge, this should give you an idea of exactly how much learning your class has to do to hit the top spot!

  1. 226,850 pps (points per student), 14 students
  2. 153,446 pps, 26 students
  3. 92,326 pps, 7 students
  4. 89,574 pps, 16 students
  5. 74,497 pps, 15 students
  6. 69,596 pps, 17 students
  7. 51,947 pps, 22 students
  8. 48,489 pps, 17 students
  9. 31,953 pps, 27 students
  10. 23,950 pps, 31 students

Happy learning and good luck to all!