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March MemChallenge for Classes

By Memrise Blog

Prizes to be won by the top Classes on Memrise in March!

Between the 1st and 31st of March, all classes on Memrise will have a chance to compete against each other to find out who is the most knowledge hungry class in the world. A few simple rules:

  1. To win, the class needs to learn the highest average number of points per student over the month.

  2. The classes can be of any size between 10 and 30 students. If there are more students in the class, the class can enter the challenge but we need the teacher to notify us about the larger size of the class.

  3. Students can join and leave the class any day during the Challenge. Only points earned in the class by the students who are members of the class on the 31st March will be counted. E.g. if one student out of a 20 student class leaves the class on March 20th, the points that this student had earned by the time they leave will not be included in the point total that is used to calculate the class average. The total number of points earned during the challenge by the remaining students will be divided between the remaining 19 students to get the average.

  4. There will be prizes for the top three classes.

  5. The winning class who has the highest average point score per student over the month will win – Memrise T-shirts and sticker packs for all students, a personalized MemChampion poster and a Skype call with the memory champion Ed Cooke to share tips how to learn and memorize faster.

  6. 2nd and 3rd place classes will get prize packs with T-shirts and stickers.

  7. There’ll also be a prize draw of 7 prize packs for all the other participating classes.

  8. As a teacher the only thing you need to do is sign your class up for the Challenge by e-mailing your teacher username and your Class name to teachers@memrise.com.

Happy learning!