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Mem of the week

By Memrise Blog

We’ve chosen this fantastic mem by Kaboodle for ‘la silla’ (chair in Spanish), to be the Mem of the week:

The best mems are made up of the sort of things that would make you stop in your tracks when walking down the street with a friend.  If a mem is not attention grabbing enough, it won’t form a strong enough memory to stick in your mind.

This mem is a wonderful example of something out of the ordinary that you would definitely notice when walking down the street. The next time you think of how to say chair in Spanish, you’ll likely think of how silly it is to have so many chairs.

Great work Kaboodle and thanks for taking the time and energy to create this great mem. If you also like this mem, why not share it with your friends? This is a great way to introduce them to the idea of mnemonics.

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