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Take part in our global scientific learning experiment!

By Memrise Blog

We’re seeking volunteers to help with an online scientific experiment to test the effectiveness of some completely new ways of learning.

The experiment is the final part of the “Memrise Prize”, an applied science competition in which we invited some of the world’s top memory and learning scientists to design their ultimate learning methodology. You can read more about the prize here.

In earlier rounds of this competition, scientists developed original learning methods and empirically tested them with learners in the laboratory against a control condition provided by scientists at UCL. From the data from those dozen or so experiments, five methods emerged as particularly effective for learning. We’ve now built those experiments online so we can test on thousands of Memrise users and discover which is the most powerful.

How to volunteer?

Participating in the experiment involves spending an hour online learning words in an obscure language (which we’re keeping secret for now), with a test one week later. Both the original learning experience and the final test happen online in the browser.

As a volunteer, you’ll be randomly assigned to one of the five methods we’ve been developing.

You can volunteer (and learn more about the Memrise Prize) by signing up here. We’re looking for volunteers with excellent English for the clearest results. The more volunteers we have, the more we’ll discover about the best ways to learn, so please consider donating an hour of your precious time to this fascinating challenge.

Having volunteered, we’ll send you a unique link to your personal experiment, which you can take online in your own good time. So please click through and sign up !

Why volunteer?

Taking part is fun, and it will challenge you to learn using a new method. By taking part in this experiment, you’ll also be advancing the cause of science: we hope to drive dramatic progress on the fundamental question of what method(s) produce the best results in learning.

And for those of you who like gadgets, everyone who completes the test will be put into a prize draw for a shiny new iPad and 100 Memrise Pro annual subscriptions.