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Memrise August Updates

By Memrise Blog

We’ve been having the best time all summer making Memrise a speedier, easier and more joyful place to learn languages and more.

Here’s a summary of the major developments, and some excitements to come. We’ll follow up on many of these subjects with a devoted blog post, but hopefully you’ll enjoy the overview. There’s lots going on!

1) Some important new developments to the learning experience

You’ve probably noticed a steady stream of changes in Memrise – from looks to functionality, we are always working full steam to improve. One of our big pushes this summer has been to diversify the Memrise learning experience, to give more depth and variety – it’s important to test recalling memories in different ways in order to make them robust and long lasting. Here’s an overview:

  • Speed Review – Practice rapid recall. Remembering slowly can become a habit that gets in the way of fluency. Push yourself to answer as fast as you can.
  • Listening Skills – So you have the writing down, but how about the listening? Test how well you recognise what is being said, with our new Listening mode. Available only in Memrise Premium.
  • Difficult words – a special premium mode that identifies and helps you focus on and “fix” those most elusive words.

And of course, many more learn modes are on the way, both free and premium!

2) We’ve won a “Top Developer” award on Google Play for our Android app

We’ve been putting oodles of love into our mobile apps, and we’re now recognised as a Top Developer on Google Play. There are just 416 such Top Developers among the 388,000 developers on the Play Store (and their 1.6mm apps), which puts Memrise in the top 0.1%!

Of course, this is just the beginning of the journey for our new Android app. We’re adding substantial updates weekly, here are just a few recent highlights:

  • The full complement of new learn modes
  • Lots of fun new badges and achievements
  • Mem creation (for the first time on mobile!)
  • Deliciously fresh and intuitive new navigation (arriving today!)

3) iOS app: wholly rebuilt, rated 5-stars, and improving all the time

Of course, we’re pouring just as much love into the wholly rebuilt iOS app:

  • It’s fast, crash-free and averaging 5 stars over hundreds of ratings
  • We’re seeing record amounts of learning, and record learning-speeds
  • We’ve added badges, daily goals, and hundreds of tweaks to help you learn more.

Stay tuned over the next month, as we’ll be adding the new learn modes, and all sorts of fun new gamification.

4) Back-to-school September Memathon – Win $1,000

After January’s spectacular Memathon, which saw mind-bending learning achievements across the community, we’re doing it again, with our End-of-Summer / Back-to-School Memathon.

The competition is simple: the person who learns the most in September wins $1000.

The details of the competition can be found in the announcement blog post here.

5) Pushing the boundaries of learning science with the MemPrize

We always think hard about how to make Memrise as effective as possible, drawing from science as much as we can.

To help extend the boundaries of that scientific knowledge on how people learn best, we’ve set up a special competition for the world’s top learning scientists, in collaboration with Prof David Shanks and Dr. Rosalind Potts at UCL.

For the competition, 20 different teams of cognitive scientists invented their own learning methodologies, drawing from their decades of experience at the cutting edge of memory science.

We’ve selected the top five entries, and in late September we’re running a giant experiment to see which works best. We’ll ask for your help in trialling one of the methodologies, so we can learn from the data which works best. This is the research that will feed directly into designing new and even more effective learn modes on Memrise in the future!

If you’re interested in taking part in this experiment, you can register here

6) We’re driving towards the future – literally!

If there’s one thing we stand for at Memrise, it’s making learning joyful. It’s in this spirit of joy that we recently acquired a magnificent double-decker bus (from 1978) in which we’ll hit the road in 2016.

Although this trip will of course be joyous (both for the team and for our guests from the Memrise community), its purpose is deadly serious, and should help take learning on Memrise to the next level. More details will be coming soon, but check this out this video for a taster of what’s to come!