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We have a new look!

By Memrise Team

Hi! Salut ! Ciao! Today marks the start of a fresh new look for Memrise. Although our space theme and purple colour palette will always be close to our hearts, and yours as well, probably, we’re changing our logo, colours and well, basically, how the whole app looks.

Our new logo!

This wasn’t an out-of-the-blue (or should we say, purple) decision. We’re changing because we found that it wasn’t working for you at all and that, basically, it was time to make some space to grow.

Now, change isn’t easy. We all like feeling comfy with how things look and feel – but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re really working. If you’ve known Memrise for a while, you probably know that we used to have a “garden” theme before the “space” theme. Everyone that has been with us for this long has endured the curious amalgamation of these two concepts (space flowers, why not!?).

Moving from garden to space and from coloured-wheel logo to purple rocket icon was organic for sure, and we loved it, but it ended up looking and feeling like a confusing and cluttered experience for you, and a disjointed identity for us.

Just have a look:

Gardens and planets and rockets, oh my!

To figure out what a cohesive identity that makes sense would be, we did quite a bit of listening. We’ve gained a lot of insight into the kind of epic learning experiences you want to have. And we’ve thought a lot about what we need to do and how we need to evolve to allow for that to happen.

Over the past months, our in-house design team, together with the wonderful team at Moving Brands, have been working on developing and delivering a new look and feel for our apps and website. One that captures what’s at the very essence of Memrise and that will fundamentally enable us to move faster and build better, for you.


And here we are today! Launching a new look and feel for our brand. There’s more to come – having a cohesive design is just laying the foundations that will let the learning experiences we build truly shine, and allow you to form deeper, more meaningful connections to the language you are learning and the culture that breathes through it.

We’ll probably keep making puns wherever possible, though.

Ok, enough of the blog, go and update the app so you can check out how it all looks now!

Download or update for iOS and Android.