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Memrise Labs: visualizing your learning

By Memrise Blog

Deep in a windowless basement, we’ve outfitted a scientific SWAT team of robot chimpanzees, naked but for their tiny white lab coats and camelpaks filled with Red Bull. Welcome to the Memrise Labs, where we’re working on a number of experimental projects.

Many of these research efforts will take centuries to come to fruition, but we can offer you a sneak peek of one early experimental project, playing with ways of visualizing your learning.

Ed Cooke’s learning:

Greg Detre’s learning

A cursory and incomplete description:

  • This is a sped-up animation of learning progress over the last 18 months or so. You can see the timestamp swooping around the red outer circle like a giant clock
  • The big circles are languages – they get bigger as you learn more words. The small circles that shout out from them are individual words.
  • The real version is interactive, so you can click on an individual word and see all the correct and incorrect answers as tiny black and white dots

There’s actually a lot more going on that’s a little hard to pick out in this video. Remember that this is just an early experimental version 🙂

We’ll generate and send an animation like this of your learning progress to the first five Memrise users who email us at labs@memrise.com.