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Memrise Website Update [2/9/2015]

By Memrise Blog

Hi everyone,

Starting this week, we will be posting a weekly blog post describing recent changes after we make a website release on either Tuesday or Wednesday. This should help to keep you all up to date on everything that we’re working on.

This week is a particularly happy one at Memrise:

  • Audio review mode, which has been greatly enjoyed on the Memrise Android app, has finally come to the web in selective courses for premium users.
  • We have an improved learning mode selector on the course cards on your dashboard.
  • We have also made an improvement to the audio tests in learning and reviewing sessions based on your feedback last week. Specifically, we have added an option for you to skip the audio tests entirely for 30 minutes. Additionally, in the near future, we will make it a full learning preference on your profile.

That’d be all for this week. Happy learning!

Memrise web team.