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New feature alert! Memrise “Groups”

By Memrise Blog

In January we released new tools to help teachers create classes. These let teachers manage what their students learn, create leaderboards for each class where their students compete against each other… and enter competitions where classes around the world compete against each other to learn the most.

Class Tools have proved to be a roaring success among teachers and students alike.

Until now though you have had to be a ‘registered teacher’ on Memrise in order to make a class – we expected that the tools would only really be of interest to people who needed to manage groups of students and set courses for them to study.

However, we’ve been overwhelmed by feedback from students who are loving learning in the ‘class’ that their teacher has set up so much that now they want to create their own ‘classes’ for learning outside school.

It seems that the benefits of the class tool are not just for the teacher: the students enjoy competing on leaderboards where they know everyone personally. They like that their teacher sets only the best courses for the class to study, so they never need to search for new courses and try to work out which ones are the best. And they love the competition that is currently running to find the class that has the highest average score per student over the month – competing not just against your friends, but competing with them against the rest of the world.

So today we’re opening things up to let everyone take advantage: we’re changing the name of the the “class” tools to “groups” and making them available to everyone. You’ll see the “groups” option on the left hand side of your dashboard – click on that to get started!