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News update – the Memrise Mobile App!

By Memrise Blog

Memrise has gone mobile! Android and iOS apps are out and setting the learning world alight. Here are some details, and what’s in store for the next updates:

  • Take a course “offline” if you are going out of internet range: it will sync your progress back to the site next time you are online.

  • All your courses will show up on your dashboard on the app automatically.

  • The app is pre-loaded with a selection of intro courses in the most popular languages. Or head to the site to search the full range and add them to your dashboard.

  • This is a designed-for-mobile experience, not just a mobile version of the website. Test types have been designed to be mobile-friendly, while still strengthening your memories by encouraging you to fully recall words and phrases.

We are iterating fast and will be pushing out ever better versions each week, so your thoughts and suggestions are hugely appreciated! Here is a selection of tweaks that we are working on for the next versions:

  • When you take a course offline, the app downloads mems for each item, which is crucial when you are going to be learning new words when offline. But for courses with thousands of word, it is a LOT of information. We are making this more efficient to get offline mode working super fast for big courses as well.

  • With over 200 languages supported on the site, there are lots of specific requirements for certain languages that still need to be fine-tuned on the app. We will iron out the edge cases ASAP.

  • We are keen to settle, once and for all, the debate over whether Android or iPhone users are the superior breed. Check this leaderboard to see the cross-platform rivalry playing out!

Enjoy, and please do keep your feedback coming!