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Our first Memrise Meetup

By Memrise Blog

We’re blessed at Memrise with a wonderful office space in the East of London- a converted chapel with lots of room for gatherings, and many special features (such as an AGA to cook on, and a floor that began life in Buckingham Palace). We frequently use this space for internal parties, but it hadn’t occurred to us till recently that we could also share this space with members of the Memrise community.

So last week we sent a call out to London-based Memrisers asking whether any of them wished to come by, drink some red wine, nibble on some cake (cooked by our amazing Olivia) and speak with us about how they use and enjoy Memrise. And so it was that we brought these two very different gifts – our office and community- together for the first time. And what a lovely evening ensued.

One of the curiosities of running a startup like Memrise is that you’re in contact with so many people in the community on a daily basis and yet you never meet any of them. So it was magic to get together with some of the local Memrise enthusiasts.

Included among them, were a Russian scholar about to join the army; a couple who speak to each other only in Toki Pona, an invented language with just 120 words; learners of French, Spanish, geography; and overall a shared feeling of wonderful, youthful enthusiasm for learning languages.

We took the opportunity to share our plans for premium mode, and to trial out some of the latest features. We also gathered a marvellous number of ideas, some we’re preparing to build, some of which we’d never thought of and love.

It’s quite fun bringing together the online and offline worlds, so we’ll do more of this. Beginning this June, as it happens, with a film night in the Memrise HQ. We’re beginning with Spanish cinema, and we’ll then take on the classics of Russian, Chinese, German etc. (In this regard, we’ve been much inspired by The Story of Film, An Odyssey by Mark Cousins. A highly recommended guide to the importance and influence of international cinema of every stripe.

So anyone within touching distance of East London- you’re most welcome to come by and hang out! You can find out more about this, and other upcoming events by joining our Meetup Group.

And since meetups needn’t be the unique preserve of those of us in London, anyone in cities further afield who feels like meeting up with their Memrise brethren, let us know and we’ll help you do like-wise chez vous!