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Say goodbye to our mascot, Ziggy

By Memrise Team

You spoke, we listened.

We want you to have a fun learning experience. One that’s as effective as possible and helps you discover new worlds and cultures. So when you said you didn’t like Ziggy, we had to take action.

Who’s Ziggy?

About a year ago, we introduced Ziggy to the Memrise universe. The app had evolved and the ranking levels didn’t quite fit the new, space-themed vibe. At the same time, we wanted you to have a more personalised learning buddy, who would motivate and help you progress.  

Our designers did a thorough job brainstorming and testing Ziggy with real users, so everything looked good to go. But it didn’t work out.

It was clear there weren’t many Ziggy fans out there – users smashed him in a forum poll. Oh, poor Ziggy! Reddit and Imgur users even proposed new designs to replace our beloved alien.

For now, we’ll keep the same ranking structure so your hard work won’t go anywhere and you can keep sharing your achievements on Memrise. We’ll just tidy up the visuals while we work on a new system, designed to give you a better feeling about your learning progress.

Ziggy will depart gradually, starting with Memrise on the web and then disappearing from our apps in the coming weeks.

If you know anyone looking for an alien mascot, you can find Ziggy in Covent Garden, entertaining the crowds with language puns.

Goodbye Ziggy, better luck in your new home