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Sean Emmer

By Memrise Blog

Sean “The Memmer” Emmer was surely destined to work with Memrise; and he has made diverse contributions to our evolution. He played a vital role in the early development of our interface, and has been a source of impressive guidance on matters of taste- most notably, he astutely insisted in the early days that Greg should not record choral interludes to be played after each correct answer in the learning cave.

Sean’s our go-to man for the front end of the website, which he codes (in “code“) in what has come to be known round the office as the “Horizontal Emmer”. This is a posture where the knees are held exactly parallel to the chest, and orthogonal to gravity: it thus resembles a cardboard cutout which has been chopped at the knee, with the rest of its body flopping back and horizontally propped upon, for instance, a chair. In this configuration, Sean’s mac rests on his chest. He cranes his neck to be able to sight his screen as he codes, resembling one of those collapsed accordion-players you see in French town squares who insists on playing on, despite the inebriation. Sean’s a student at Princeton -the Almer Mater of that homicidal Vice-President Aaron Burr– and he spends his time somewhere within the obscure corridors of the alpha-rho-epsilon-gamma-beta-zeta-eta-theta-omicron fraternity, when not studying economics and such like.

Greg and I, ever mindful of our employees’ welfare, at one point went to visit Sean at a party at said phratry. Everybody was dressed in tank-tops and shorts, wading in beer. In our tweeds, we stuck out. Unfortunately, not just because of our clothes: we disgraced ourselves and the evening ended with an altercation over the “proper interpretation of beer-pong”. That was the last time we saw Sean.

He subsequently left off to “investigate the cultural traditions of Asia”. The only evidence we have for his continued existence are his user stats- he’s been learning 300 Thai words a day- and the photo you see.

Sean- we have some new features we want to implement- please come back!