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Some Memrise Updates

By Memrise Blog

As you may have noticed we have made a few changes to the site over the past few weeks. You are now able to pin up to three courses that you use most. They appear at the top of your dashboard for easy access learning! We are also experimenting with a whole new approach to list creation at Memrise, where choosing the mem is the major function. We’re planning a mem competition as well, so get your imaginations ready and we’ll have some fun learning in the next couple months!

Additionally we have made a few updates to the Memrise App as well, including:

  • Increased support for Hebrew and Arabic

  • iPads are now supported at native resolution

  • Grow faster: Jump straight to the next available planting session in a course with the Keep Planting button

  • You can now continue watering levels that are completely watered by tapping on them.

  • Sessions now load much faster. Get stuck in your learning in no time!

  • Clearer course page. Better iconography and smoother interface.

  • Numerous other bug fixes

So go ahead and update those Apps and enjoy our labour of love!