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Sorry about that last email

By Memrise Team

Hi, Marco from Memrise here. 

You probably got an odd email from me on Tuesday – I accidentally leaked an internal email about forgetting to turn off the Unforgettable Sale. Sorry about that. Not sure what happened there, but thought I‘d best clear up any confusion I may have caused.

The short version is that, thanks to my blunder, we’ll be honouring anyone who redeemed the 50% off offer during the past two days. In fact, my manager decided to just extend the offer, so you’ll still be able to get 50% off a 1-year annual subscription until 18th of November. Click here if you want to take advantage of it (silver lining, right?).

The longer version is that I’ve had a pretty rough couple of weeks. Ever since someone brought this tweet to my attention, I’ve been off my game a bit. 

I know I shouldn’t take these things so personally, but hey ho. Luckily, everyone at the office has been very nice about my little mishap. I’m still very embarrassed by the whole situation, but I hope this has turned into something great for you. Since I’m learning French on Memrise, the best way I can sign this email is with a “je suis désolé” and “merci”.

Hope you make the most of my little memory slip.