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Speak Mexican Spanish like the locals

By Memrise Team

Mexico is the largest Spanish speaking country in the world! It’s no wonder that Mexican Spanish is one of the most popular varieties of Spanish to learn.

One of the things that makes Mexican Spanish distinct from other types of Spanish is the accent.

The best way to properly learn the Mexican Spanish accent is to experience native speakers using Mexican Spanish in a natural way. But unless you live in Mexico, how will you do that?

With the next best thing: real life video footage of native speakers. These videos will allow you to watch and hear how locals really speak the language, and prepare you for the speech you will encounter in the real world.

Our Mexican Spanish course features hundreds of Learn with Locals videos. These short, fun videos show real Mexicans speaking Spanish in everyday contexts, allowing you to learn the language the way it’s truly spoken. Only authentic Mexican Spanish spoken here!

Take a look:

There’s no better way to learn Mexican Spanish!