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Special Video Immersion Evening

By Memrise Blog

Want to be part of an important milestone of Memrise’s development? Come along on the 3rd of November at 7 pm to the Memrise Headquarters in East London.

We will be presenting you with our latest project, the ‘immersion mode’ otherwise known as the video mode.

Recently we’ve been collecting videos of English native speakers around the country. Want to know why?

Languages are brought to life by people, which is why we have decided to bring those people to life on your phone. We have started the mission of collecting short videos of tens and thousands of real native speakers from all around the world speaking their mother tongue in the way that comes naturally to them.

In order to collect these videos we are heading off on an epic road trip aboard a 1978 double decker bus, otherwise known as the membus. Our initial plans are to tour the UK and then all of Europe, who knows…we might conquer the world.

To find out more about this crazy adventure, come along on the 3rd of November.

You will have the opportunity to test the new immersion mode on the app, take part in a video screening about the project, while enjoying yummy snacks and a Memrise memorabilia to take home.

Please RSVP to the event so we know how many of you we are expecting!

RSVP here!

Memrise Headquarters: 33 Wadeson Street, London, E2 9DR

See you there!

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